Lyla Clayre Studio

Custom & Illustration


Custom Artwork & Illustration


Custom House Portraits

Commissioned works for home display starting at $300


Event INvitations

Custom artwork for weddings and events starting at $500 for original artwork and reproduction rights


Branding & Illustration

Custom Illustration for businesses, including packaging design and graphics for print and web

Priced according to usage



Large scale commissioned multi-panel watercolors inspired by the landscape and wildlife of your choice

For homes & offices

Starting at $900


Do I need to provide photographic references?

This depends on what you want.  If you want a painting that is similar to Lyla’s existing work, but you don't feel attached to the specifics, you may not need to provide references.

If you commission a house portrait, or a painting of a specific place, you will be responsible for providing photographic references.

What kind of photograph makes for a good painting?

Your photograph should be high resolution so that it’s easy to make out the colors and details. Photos taken with a camera phone will work well as long as they are not pixelated or grainy.

How long will it take?

Commissions usually have about a three week turnaround.  If you need your commissioned piece delivered within 5 to 7 business days, rush orders are available for an additional fee of $100.  Rush orders can only be guaranteed if all payments are made in a timely fashion.

Will prints be made of my commissioned piece?

If the content of the piece is personal, the artist will not create reproductions of your commissioned painting. However, if the content of your work is not personal and fits in with her larger body of work, the artist reserves the right to create and sell reproductions of the work.

Can I reproduce my commissioned piece?

Unless otherwise negotiated, you do not have the rights to reproduce your commissioned piece for profit or commercial use. If you would like to have prints made of your commissioned piece, you can purchase them from the artist.